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Buying Your Child’s First Car?


It seems like only yesterday that your child beamed with pride as they learned to ride a bike. Now the time has come to buy your child their first car. Where did those years go? Your child is becoming an… Read more


Your Car’s Recall Notice


A car safety recall notifies you that your car has a potentially serious mechanical problem, which can be extremely dangerous to you and other drivers. If your car’s registration is up-to-date and the Natio… Read more


FAQ’s About Extended Vehicle Warranties


Have you ever bought or thought about buying an extended vehicle warranty for your car? Maybe the dealership tried to sell you one when you bought your car. Maybe you had one on a previous car. Or maybe, so… Read more


Few Tips to Consider When Buying an Used Car

Is it time for a new car? Not sure you can or want to spend the money on a brand new car? Then you may be considering a used car for your next vehicle. If so, we have some tips for you to help when buying a… Read more


Why do you need an Extended Auto Warranty?

There’s a running joke in the automotive industry that the day after the warranty expires, your car will spill its guts all over the road. An extended auto warranty could save you thousands of dollars in … Read more


Cars are an Extension of Our Personality!

There’s no denying the love affair we in the US have with our cars. Our connection with cars goes beyond their practical use as a way to get around. People across the country develop emotional connections… Read more


Car Warranty and Auto Insurance

insurance vs warrranty
Car Warranty vs Car Insurance The mere mention of “car warranty” and “car insurance” brings this one word to mind: protection. Given that definition, you might be forgiven at first for thinking tha… Read more


The Advantages of Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is often overlooked as valuable coverage to have when owning a vehicle. Many car owners think “I’ll never run out of gas” or “I won’t lock myself out of my car.” You don’t … Read more


Buying an extended car warranty?

What should you know before making the decision to purchase an extended auto warranty for your vehicle? This is an important question to ask yourself if you are considering purchasing an extended vehicle pr… Read more


How to purchase an used car

When purchasing a “new” used car, most people focus on the history of the car. Most use services, such as Carfax, that compare the car’s VIN number to a listed number of repairs, recall fixes, and o… Read more


Keeping Your Vehicle Running Well

Remember the days of your mechanic telling you to change your oil every 3,000 miles to keep up with vehicle maintenance? Those days are long over! Today’s vehicles are running for much longer between oil ch… Read more


5 Factors to Save Money On Repairs

Save Money On Car Repairs
From the engines, brakes, and gears to the air conditioning, suspension and steering; all your car parts need to undergo some sort of repairs at some point of time. Repair services are not very cheap. At ti… Read more



We do not cover the State of Florida.
Vehicles up to 140k miles are eligible for our Auto Warranty Plans.

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We do not cover the State of Florida.
Vehicles up to 140k miles are eligible for our Auto Warranty Plans.

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